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There will always be a black market for marijuana. There are dealers that will always seek ways of selling marijuana illegally even in areas where it is available legally. With what has been seen from the performance of cannabis dispensaries in many States of USA and Canada, dispensaries offer more on sale than local dealers. In Canada legal Cannabis producers are responsible for supplying those marijuana dispensaries.

Less Fear

Most marijuana deals take place at night as both parties are scared of law enforcement agencies. Apart from the police, drug dealers also have some other parties they are afraid of. Most people buy their marijuana in fear, and they are also scared of social stigma. But if you buy from a marijuana dispensary, you buy from a legal shop with a proper setting where you don’t need have to be afraid. This way, you are not anxious, and you can stick to the rules without the fear of being arrested.

Better Safety

It is safer to buy from dispensaries than dealers. Dealers most of the times do not grow their product themselves, so they can’t provide any assurance on the methods of cultivation, and the quality of the product they offer. But dispensaries are licensed, and they have strict state regulations and business reputations to sustain. For them to succeed, they must source for the best products and employ the well-trained, knowledgeable staff. You are assured of quality when you buy from dispensaries.

Wide selection of products

Marijuana dispensaries face strict business flow and audit procedures. The dispensaries must stock a wide range of accurately labeled products including marijuana strains and products derived from marijuana. They stock tinctures, concentrates, beverages and edibles. But it is only very few dealers that have more than one strain.

marijuana dispensaries

Variety and Choice

Marijuana dispensaries have a wide range of strains from various plant families with a differing range of CBD and THC percentages. The varieties offered by dispensaries allow their customers to match their products with the experience they desire and also to treat their medical problems. When you rely on a dealer, you will hardly have a lot of choices. There are very few people that have more than one dealer. That is a total restriction on the choices that you have. But as more states legalize the possession and sales of marijuana, more and more dispensaries will be available, and you will have more choices.

Personal stash

When you have a reliable dispensary nearby you, you can access the product anytime you want it. With a conveniently located, reliable dispensary, you no longer have to buildup a personal stash as you are assured that you can get the product anytime you need it.    


The taxes imposed by local and state authorities will make marijuana products expensive. If you buy from a dealer, you are buying at the current market price. The forces of demand and supply will determine the price, and this may not have any connection with the price of the product. Dispensaries will do a lot to reduce the disadvantages caused by increased taxes. They secure local deals and buy in bulk, so that they can take advantage of the economies of scale.

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