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To understand how different types of spectrum and intensity of light affects how well marijuana plants respond to such differences, all you need to do is look at nature. A temperate forest or tropical jungle each have different layers of flora ranging from the treetops to the ground. Each strata in these ecosystems can contain many different species of plants. However, within each strata all of these species, grow and thrive under similar light conditions, intensity and levels.

The same is true of indoor marijuana growing operations. Exposing different varieties to their optimal light level, intensity and spectrum can and will increase yield and potency. Learn Sativa College School For Marijuana have a great deal of information that could come in your use. Adding in software designed to control the lighting at every stage of growth will virtually guarantee success. This type of success is most often accompanied by substantial cost savings to the grower, greatly increasing profits.

Although marijuana grown for recreational use is heavy in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), marijuana plants grown for medical purposes generally contain the cannabis’ other chemical in larger quantities. This chemical is known as Cannabidiol (CBD).

(CBD) is what the industry calls “non-psychoactive” cannabis, which means the user does not feel a euphoric mental high. This makes marijuana with high levels of CBD much more preferred over types of marijuana high in THC for use as medicine, especially for children.

Others who benefit from marijuana are those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and its related symptoms. Still others with chronic pain or problems sleeping can also benefit from marijuana.

indoor marijuana cbdSuch is the focus of Dr. Sue Sisley, Director of Medicinal Plant Science at Heliospectra AB, who is a medical doctor and a clinical psychologist. She believes that despite a lack of clinical trials, veterans and others who suffer from PTSD and other maladies could be effectively treated with marijuana high in CBD. Dr. Sisley says:

“Our veterans already know that marijuana is medicinal, significantly less toxic than many of the dangerous pharmaceutical cocktails prescribed to them… and anecdotal evidence suggest[s] that marijuana has been life-saving for these veterans…. If marijuana helps—and we already know that it does—the government is the only thing standing in the way.”

One that produces marijuana with high levels of THC—can grow grow higher doses of CBD with LED lights. These LED lights use “intelligence” to optimally control the lights’ wavelength and spectrum, which produces the most potent plants with maximum yield.

This type of lighting manipulation mimics the action spectrum of photosynthesis at the level of each individual plant. This means every plant gets exposed to the most beneficial amount and type of light it needs. Such control of light produces the most healthy plants in every strain, or variety, of cannabis.If you are looking for more information about grooming and growing Learn Sativa University School For Marijuana can come in great help.

For companies interested in simply providing their customers with CBD oil for vaping, the chemical CBD is also found in simple hemp, the country cousin of marijuana. Because hemp can be legally imported and sold in the United States, are importing CBD oil and/or hemp extracts legally produced in other countries.

As more and more states legalize marijuana for medical and/or recreational use, perhaps the federal government will finally allow research and clinical trials which will only confirm that veterans and their doctors have been right all along: Marijuana, whether high in THC or CBD, is an effective treatment for PTSD, as well as many other medical issues.

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