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This impressive portable vaporizer is the third offering to have been released by the DaVinci brand, a popular, high quality manufacturer of vaping products. It boasts a stylish and innovative new design together with mouthpieces made from zirconia ceramic for a pure flavor, integrated smart path advanced technology and even a replaceable battery for extra convenience. As an added advantage, the IQ vaporizer by DaVinci can even be purchased in several colors to suit your sense of style.


While the DaVinci IQ weighs 145 grams and is slightly more weighty than some of its rivals on the market, its overall size and shape makes it convenient to slip in a purse or pocket while out and about. Feeling more comfortable in the hand than some lighter units, the IQ feels well made and boasts a stylish and smart finish. Attractive and comfortable while in use, its build materials are all solid and high quality. This device comes with 2 mouthpieces made from ceramic zirconia both of which supply a high quality flavor while still being durable and easy to clean. While the recessed mouthpiece is ideal for use while in public since it allows for easier concealment, the raised version is perfect for use at home.

Flavor Chamber And Adjustable Temperatures

The unique flavor chamber is another innovative addition which helps to cool and smooth the vapor to improve the taste. It also allows users to add more herbs, or different botanicals into this separate insert for a more exciting and complex taste. Thanks to the compatible downloadable app, the IQ also allows users a multitude of ways to control the device simply by using their smartphone or tablet for a more innovative approach to vaping.

Discreetness And Battery Life

While the IQ may be somewhat heavier than a number of its rivals, it is compact and small enough to take out in public in a purse or pocket, especially when used with the recessed mouthpiece which enables it to be concealed in the palm. Its replaceable and rechargeable 3500 mAh 18650 battery allows for a long lifespan of 80 minutes of continuous use and a full recharge is about four hours. When paired with a second replaceable battery, this device allows for vaping with no downtime, and investing in a separate battery charger means that the recharge time can be reduced down to just two hours for even greater convenience.


A top performing conduction style vaporizer for dry herbs, the DaVinci IQ is made by one of the best manufacturer’s in the industry for complete peace of mind. It produces outstanding flavor and plenty of vapor thanks to its vapor path’s ceramic zirconia construction and its wide spectrum of temperatures ensures greater user precision. While it isn’t the most compact or discreet device, it is durable, strong and longlasting and its attractive appearance means that it has plenty of style. When you’re looking for ease of use and a great performance, the DaVinci IQ is ideal for a perfect vaping experience.

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