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Most people believe that usage of marijuana can never be linked to a healthy lifestyle. The pervasive and common perception people have of marijuana users has been that, they are idle and lazy couch potatoes – not putting up serious weight or running half-marathons. However, the more we get to understand marijuana, the more we realize that it is beneficial to our health and fitness regime.

As marijuana use become less shamed and even permissible in various states and countries, people are going to invent more ways of integrating it into their lives. That, naturally, begs this question: Can cannabis use be linked to a healthy lifestyle? Or put it this way, does marijuana have a place in fitness regimes?

Yes, marijuana does fit perfectly into your workout regime. Basically, it makes things better if consumed in the right manner.

Using marijuana pre-workout

There are some myths associated with using marijuana before a workout. Some people claim pre-workout marijuana use can be unsettling. However, this is not true. Using cannabis pre-workout isn’t about consuming large quantities of weed before hitting the gym; instead, it’s about taking just the right dosage and amount to compliment your hard labor.

Marijuana protein shake

Protein shakes are ideal prior to a workout. They provide the body with the extra energy to push harder. Did you know hemp seeds are very rich in protein? When you think of preparing a protein shake, make sure you add some hemp. Do not worry, they won’t get you high; instead, they will get your muscles going.

There are some protein bars and bites available in marijuana cafés and dispensaries which contain marijuana strains that can get you high. Also, these ones are harmless as long as you take the right dosage. Remember to check the sugar composition of these products. You wouldn’t wish it to ruin all your hard work at the gym.

Vape instead of smoking

Smoking is linked to inhaling combusted substances, which sometimes have carcinogenic properties in them. Unfortunately, this fatigues the muscles prior to the workout. Therefore, if you wish to use weed before work out, consider vaping instead of smoking. Again, remember to go easy on dosages.

Using marijuana post-workout

There are various ways of integrating marijuana into your post-workout regime. This largely relies on cannabis ability to loosen up your muscles. Relaxation immediately after exercising is vital in ensuring an effective routine since your body goes on to burn fat even after you are finished working out.

Use topical relief

Cannabis is perfect for your outsides just as it is for your inside. Basically, it is very successful as a topical treatment. Particularly if you are experiencing stiffness or soreness, topical application can provide relief. Apply it to the whole body or simply the affected parts.

There are various types of topical treatments and remedies available in the market.  Some of them are intended to be used in the bathtub while others have cooling effects when used. All of these topical products are absorbed by the skins to guarantee topical relief to your already tired muscles.

Get high after a workout

Marijuana is known to be a relaxant. That is the reason why it is ideal for managing muscle spasticity, particularly in young kids who are suffering from epilepsy. Therefore, after work out, it’s a great time to get high. CBD and THC enter your bloodstream to play a big role in relaxing your entire body (mental and physical). Cannabinoids will create an anti-inflammatorily effect on your exhausted muscles and will ease any soreness related to the exercise.

Final thoughts

There is proof that marijuana use can result in a healthier lifestyle. Cannabis use has been linked to lower rates of diabetes and obesity and is also essential in building stronger bones.

In short, marijuana can have a place in your workout regime. Your best bet is to perhaps utilize it as a technique to facilitate rest and improve relaxation. Furthermore, when you are exercising, a little of THC and other elements contained in cannabis can help you go an extra, and maximize your endurance and pain thresholds. Right now, science is ostensibly favoring the use of marijuana as a pre and post workout supplement.


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