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With the way cannabis is becoming a business venture and a blooming one at that, there is a growing question of how to grow cannabis in order to get the best out of it. There is a speedy legalization of cannabis in most States in the United States mostly because of its health benefit and most States are letting their citizens to grow it for personal purpose rather than commercial.

So if you are a beginner and want to find out how to grow cannabis, then you are at the right place but one thing is clear, cannabis plant is easy to grow because it mostly grows like a weed, it grows with no ideal conditions and can grow to a usable and smokeable product just under four months.

It is also important that you seek the right information before growing cannabis. There is a difference between growing cannabis indoor and outdoor, growing it indoor gives you the avenue to be in charge of how it grows because, you will create a grow room that will make you influence the factors that can limit or accelerate its growth. It will also help maximise what the cannabis yields and have a return on the investment but if you grow it outside, it leaves your plant at the mercy of all the haphazard circumstance that can be related to outside.

Another thing to consider is your budget for it, what are you planning to invest into the plant. This is important because it will provide the right strategy for you to care for the plants in the best way possible. Nobody wants to waste money without getting the dividend of work invested so it is important that you know the amount you are willing to put into it, the business strategy to growing it and getting a return of your investment.

It is also notable to say that one can start very small as a beginner, get to know the plants and then make future plans on how to invest more in it.

Major steps to take to grow your cannabis plant includes

  • Get a grow room

This is essential if you have chosen to grow your cannabis plant indoor. It will be good for you to get the room in order and get the equipment needed for it but know that no matter the room chosen, cannabis plant like any other plant needs light in order to grow so endure that the grow room has adequate light.

  • Get equipment

There are equipment that you need in order to start growing your cannabis like:

  1. Fan, This is needed to be able to control the strong smell which cannabis is known for. In this case, a small 4 inch fan can be used with a filter on it, to control the smell.
  2. Filter; This is another equipment that is needed. This is used by placing it in front of the fan to help in controlling the small that emanates from the cannabis plant.
  3. Duct; This helps in leading the air out through the window. Instead of the air being everywhere and probably getting you into trouble with your neighbours, it leads it quietly out through the window.
  • Light

This is one of the essential things needed in order to grow your plant. It is needed in order to get the best quality and yield out of your plant. This can be done by having a constant light in the grow room, here, you can use LED lights or lamps which should be placed at a place that can oversee all other places in the grow room.

  • Air

As air is good for the human so it is good for all plants. It is important to ensure that your grow room is well ventilated as this will keep the plants budding with life. If the grow room is not well ventilated, it will attract insects to devour the plants.

  • Water

All plants needs water in order to survive so ensure that you water your cannabis plant so it grows well and healthily.

  • Temperature

Cannabis plant can die if exposed to a too hot temperature or a freezing one. Plants are living organisms so it is always affected under harsh temperature even though it is not easy to have the perfect temperature for the growing cannabis plant.

  • Pot and soil

This is the place where your cannabis plants makes its home. It is better to use fabric pots as they work better than others and search out for a good soil market online.

  • Marijuana seed

In getting the marijuana or cannabis seed, you can order it online or look out for shops that retails it. Look out for seeds that are well packaged like a parcel.


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