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Among all the other compounds of the cannabis plant, CBD or Cannabidiol has been in the limelight for quite some time now.  It has become more popular than its other close members because of its great medicinal value for being a strong anti-inflammatory drug as well as the fact of CBD being more preferred by the patients because it doesn’t have the psychoactive properties like THC.

Recently some studies which are being done on the effectiveness of CBD alone compared to that of the extracts containing CBD plus other cannabinoid compounds have thrown a new light on how the whole range of cannabinoid compounds of the marijuana plant yields better results in solving the issues related to pain and inflammation. This interesting fact was found in the study which was published by the Lautenberg Center for General and Tumor Immunology at Jerusalem. It is known that when CBD is given to patients alone its effectiveness gives a bell-shaped curve; the study conducted by the Hadassah Medical School of Hebrew University in Jerusalem wanted to know the difference in the medicinal value of just CBD versus a full spectrum of cannabinoid from cannabis flowers. We know how hard it is to find a good cbd product, click here for more info.

It was already known earlier that when CBD is administered alone then it is able to provide people relief which shows its effectiveness as a bell-shaped curve, but when the full range of cannabinoid spectrum was administered it proved to yield greater efficiency and helped to overcome the CBD’s bell-shaped dose-response curve. In simpler terms, CBD along with the full spectrum of cannabinoid helped alleviate the inflammation and pain of the patients for a long period of time and more efficiently because the dose was increased.

Materials used in the experiment:

Pure CBD extract was obtained from Germany’s THC Pharm. GmbH and the whole spectrum of cannabinoid-containing plant extract were obtained from flowers of the clone 202 (proprietary strain: Avidekel) grown by Tikun Olam Company. The flowers of these cannabis plants were grown to be rich in CBD. The cannabinoids compounds from the flower were then extracted by utilizing ethanol as a solvent. The CBD and the full spectrum of cannabinoid extract were prepared in a form which could be administered both as an injection as well as through oral administration. The Hadassah Medical School performed the experiments on mice that were ethically approved. The experiment contained a control group along with a separate group of mice who were administered with prescription drugs like Tramadol and Aspirin. This was done to test the effectiveness of the cannabinoid extracts with that of the prescribed medicines. The experiment was done on around 10-12 lab mice constituting each of the treatment groups and the effectiveness of the various elements was measured through laboratory methods to have an idea on the reduction in the level of pain and inflammation. The conclusion of this experiment was clear: the benefit was much more pronounced with the use of the whole spectrum of cannabinoids extracted from cannabis flower than when only a single cannabinoid was used.

The efficiency of only CBD compared to CBD plus other cannabinoids:

The above experiment gave the following results:

The CBD alone was not able to exert its effectiveness before and after a certain dose, whereas the full spectrum of the cannabinoid compounds was able to be effective for longer periods when its dosage was increased and led to the reduction of pain and inflammation. The result was thus, clear that CBD showed its effectiveness only at a particular dose and cannabinoid compounds continued to exert their effectiveness with increasing dosage.

CBD, when it was given in the form of injection of 5 mg/kg dosage, was shown to respond well in reduction of pain and inflammation but exerted lesser effects when the dose was increased. The bell-shaped curve of the CBD effectiveness reflects that CBD shows its effectiveness only at a specific dose and below as well as above that dosage CBD doesn’t work that well. Cannabinoid compounds did not have this drawback.

The oral consumption of CBD and the full range of the cannabinoids again presented similar results where CBD showed its most effectiveness at 25mg/kg. It again lost its efficiency in pain reduction on increasing the dosage. The full spectrum of cannabinoid also showed similar results of continuing its effectiveness even after the dose was increased. Every patient is different and as such requires different dosage in solving their pain and inflammation issues. This study of dosage effectiveness is important because each patient requires a different dose to reduce their problems.

TNF α or Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha production has its role in inflammation due to fluid accumulation in the body tissues. It was found that in this case also the full spectrum of the cannabinoid compounds was able to more effectively suppress the production of TNF α than CBD after increasing the dosage.

Cannabis versus commercial drugs:

The study observed the following about commercial drugs and cannabis:

  • In the experiment, two commercial drugs used were Aspirin and Tramadol. Tramadol didn’t have any effect whereas, Aspirin showed only mild property of reducing tissue swelling.
  • CBD, as well as CBD plus other cannabinoids, showed greater efficiency in stopping the swelling in the paw as compared to the drugs Aspirin and Tramadol.
  • Aspirin and Tramadol had more to do with only the pain sensation whereas, CBD and the full spectrum cannabinoids showed the effect on suppressing the production of TNF α to a great extent.
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  • Ultimately this study proved the fact that the commercial inflammation drugs are lacking in the medicinal properties that are present in cannabis.

The conclusion of the research:

The cannabis extracts are more efficient in the reduction of pain and inflammation than the commercial drugs. Not only CBD but other cannabinoids when used together have greater medicinal value. This experiment of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem done by Yekhtim, Gallily, and Hanus pointed out that all the cannabis compounds especially Proleve 500MG CBD Pet Tincture has stronger anti-inflammatory property than prescribed medicines. Companies tried to make isolated synthetic versions of the compounds present in the cannabis plant but they are actually more effective together in their natural form.

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