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Celena Neal and her husband Craig live in a farming community called Rocky Ford. It is populated with around 4,000 people and is well-known for their delicious melons. The couple are not originally from Colorado, nor were they brought up in a farm family.

The Neals might have been Florida natives but Craig had attended a Colorado college. He went to Denver and worked at a dispensary as a weed grower. There, he met various types of people that served as valuable connections.Learn Sativa University Marijuana School Online offers a great amount of courses that can help you get more inform about cannabis.

People sold marijuana for recreational purposes after its legalization. The business boomed, with more people wanting to get into it. Folium Biosciences was one, which Craig was lucky enough to meet. The company’s goal was to create a name for themselves in the CBD industry.

Folium Biosciences and Weed

The company invited Craig Neal to their headquarters in Colorado Springs. They needed his technical knowledge and network of connections. Hiring him was critical to starting a profitable business successfully. He could grow marijuana rich in CBD like he could grow average weed.

The company gave him a proposal where he could become their growth operations director. It would not be easy, since Folium Biosciences wanted to start right away. Craig left his old work and moved to Rocky Ford with his wife after a few days.

CBD hemp is the official name designated to weed rich in CBD in the state of Colorado. This CBD hemp had to have THC levels less than 0.3%. Weed and industrial hemp have huge contrasts in agricultural aspects despite belonging to the same species. Weed rich in CBD that Folium Biosciences are growing are squatter and shorter than industrial hemp, which have stalks that are thin and long like bamboo.

You can find CBD in industrial hemp. But there is a lot more in Folium’s crops, which are rich in CBD. Just to get a little of CBD, you would need an abundant number of industrial hemp. Additionally, the crop is a biochemical accumulator. This means it can accumulate substances like chemicals or pesticides from the ground. Thus, products that make use of CBD oil extracted from this hemp might get contaminated.

WHC1 Rich in CBD

The CBD-rich crops Folium Biosciences have dubbed WHC1 is a strain hybrid created with lower THC levels. For every THC the crop contains, it has 59 CBD, with eight to eighteen percentage of CBD overall. Colorado’s Department of Agriculture have registered the strain. Studies have even proven the efficacy of the strain’s extracted oil as an epileptic seizure treatment.

They are now the world’s biggest CBD-rich hemp producer. They isolate and remove unnecessary components through their special process, This allows them to maximize the CBD oil’s potential. This ensures the highest terpene and CBD content. It assures users of the product’s purity and consistency.

Craig and Celena are the overseers of the crops of Folium Biosciences. They grow these crops in their Colorado Springs HQ, leaving them in charge over roughly one million plants grown in greenhouses and indoors. Farmers also assist them.

In La Junta, Folium Biosciences harvested a hundred and ten acres with Diamond A farms. The Department of Agriculture refused to acknowledge Google mapping data as appropriate documentation of the farm’s area of land. This is the reason why they have less harvest this year. As a solution, the company drew up contracts with farmers located locally so that they could grow forty five more acres. They are now planning to prime five hundred acres of hemp to be cultivated next year.

All of that sounds like quite a lot to handle for the couple. They are either at the production facility or in the fields. After harvesting, the crops go through a drying process and then transported to be further processed. It is an interesting change of scene compared to their daily lives in Florida.


Life has not always been peachy, because plenty of the Colorado natives still think that what Celena and Craig are doing is pretty much trafficking drugs. People point at them and talk about them, but nothing horrible has happened yet. Some farmers would not even lease their fields to the couple because of what would be grown. The community is conservative, but times will change. The crop is legal and definitely makes money.Marijuana buisness starts to get more and more available, Learn Sativa College Marijuana School Online can help you to get more information about it. Time, and economics, will tell.

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