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Is it summer where you reside? Do you need some time off from your exhausting daily life? Why don’t you plan a camping trip with your friends? Enjoying the sunny outdoors far away from your home with friends is a nice way to cool off. Actually, this is something you should even be doing frequently.

Just get the camping tent out the garage and pack the fishing poles and sleeping bags. Also, something very important; do not forget to carry your CBD oil. In this post, we will give you a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss this therapeutic oil on your camping bag.

Bug Bites

There are thousands of species of pesky mosquitoes and bugs in the world. When a mosquito bites your skin, its saliva will definitely enter your body.  In turn, your body reacts by identifying this saliva as a foreign substance. All this incites an inflammatory response. If you put a few drops of CBD oil on the area of the mosquito or bug bite, it significantly reduces the inflammation while still allowing the immune cells work on protecting you.


Blooming flowers and freshly cut grass usually welcome the summer. And you well know, when camping, walking on grass or navigating via bushy flowering plants are things you can never avoid.

Some flowers and grass species are known to elicit allergies. Naturally, our body reacts to pollens as if they are intruders sent to trouble the immune system. As a result, our immune system, in response, produces more mucus and become inflamed. Actually, for some people, this means itchy red flushes, puffy eyes, or even a stuffy nose.

CBD has been proven to ease allergic reactions by regulating the immune system’s response. More particularly, studies show that CBD oil controls the release of mast cells that cuts your immune system’s inflammatory response, caused by allergens. A study conducted on animals also shows that CBD oil can be handy in relieving airway constriction; meaning that, it is an ideal remedy for an itchy throat.

Dry Skin and Sunburn

Dry skin or sunburn is a common result of summer outdoor activities. Most particularly, when camping in a sunny environment, sunburns are bound to occur. While dry skin isn’t irritating initially, it can become bothersome if left to fester.

In many ways, CBD oil can be used to keep your skin moisturized. Through the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), CBD has shown to considerably help in the relief of skin ailments and irritants. From psoriasis to sunburn rashes and irritated dry skin, studies show that CBD can heal and restore your skin. So, by using CBD oil on your camping trip, you are guaranteed to stay active while also protecting your skin.

Soothe muscle soreness

There is a big likelihood that fishing, tent pitching, hiking, and hills climbing will be part of your camping adventure. Most of these physical activities will leave your body and muscles worn out. Using CBD oil sublingually and in form of topicals on your sore muscles may be what you exactly need to naturally promote recovery and restore balance.

Keeping your energy up

Many people attest that starting their day with CBD oil guarantees them an extra boost of focus in whatever they do. So after a tiresome night of fishing and singing around the campfire, CBD oil might that one thing you need to feel re-energized and get you going for another session of adventures.

Get more restful sleep

Talk of the insensitive summer temperatures, bumpy sleeping ground, the subconscious threat of a Sasquatch encounter, or even snoring of your camping colleagues, it can definitely get difficult to find a good night sleep while on a camping trip. The sounds of nature can be calming, but still quite off-putting. CBD oil taken a few minutes to bed can give you those much-needed nudges of composure that you require to get some rest.

Chill out

There are so many things that can keep your mind wondering when you are on a camping trip far away from your family, business, or more specifically, your normal daily life. How do you stop this kind of anxiety and nervousness? By taking some CBD oil, your anxiety is guaranteed to end.


Camping is undoubtedly a great adventure. Incorporating CBD oil in your camping escapades can make it even a more superior adventure.

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