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The cannabis plant is arguably one of the most consumed herbs on the planet. No other herb can offer as much benefit as cannabis, thanks to its two major cannabinoids – THC and CBD – cannabis has both healing and recreational properties making it an extremely valuable vegetable matter. That’s why 30 out of the 50 states in America started legalizing the use and possession of the cannabis plant. They are now sold in medical and recreational dispensaries and are even personally grown by consumers in their own backyard.

Cannabis Consumption – What’s in It for Me?

During mankind’s early years, cannabis was used as a form of traditional and conventional medicine. The first recorded use of medicinal cannabis was in China, in 2727 B.C. It was later cultivated both for food and for fiber apart from its therapeutic and curative benefits. In medieval Europe, early medical cannabis was used to treat conditions like gout, malaria, rheumatism and even poor memory and was prescribed to patients experiencing pain making it the earliest version of the anesthesia. Today, cannabis can be used to treat a myriad of illnesses, from your acne breakouts to some of the more pressing medical conditions like glaucoma, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), anxiety, and depression. Cannabis is used to combat a multitude of maladies that what once was an ancient anesthesia is now considered a natural and organic means to treat almost every modern-day affliction.

Cannabis is celebrated for its natural anti-inflammatory properties, it can also be used to treat wounds – both internal and external. It also helps manage long-term pain and lets people under stress control their perturbation and agitation. We all can benefit from cannabis whether we’re under a specific affliction or a particular indisposition or even if you’re just in it for its psychoactive and mind-altering effects.

Recreational users can use cannabis to improve their focus, an effective follow-through for what your cup of joe just failed to do. With the simple know-how of what effects different strains can do to the human body, one can use cannabis to their utmost advantage. With the right cannabis strain, you can either experience an extramundane high or get yourself a unique focus-improving medicine. Because cannabis now has a vast pool of strains, picking your kind of high can be as easy as choosing a meal at your favorite diner. What’s more is that since a lot of cannabis consumers are starting to grow their own, cannabis strain exploration is now at an all-time high. With new strains like White Tahoe Cookies, Mimosa, The Vision, and Tina, there’s no telling what kind of varieties the new-age cannabis breeders will come up with. It might be time you start growing your own.

Why You Need to Start Growing Your Own Weed

Cannabis received the colloquial name “weed” because it grows almost everywhere, under almost any circumstances. Today’s cannabis strains are tendered and are subjected to some of the most complicated and strictest growing regimens to ensure the best results when they’re consumed. Growing your own cannabis have at times proven to be the best – both for the plant and for the one growing it. Those who started growing their own cannabis have reported an improved and an exceptional understanding of the plant matter while others state that they have developed a distinct bond with the herb. Regardless of which strain or variety you’re tending to, growing your own weed allows you to reap heaps of benefits like saving buckets of money and knowing exactly what you’re smoking.

Cannabis that are mass produced for commercial use are oftentimes lacking in quality since some local growers are most of the times after the quantity of the product and not the quality of the cannabis. During some bad days, you and your local weed hookup are sometimes left with rehydrated buds, extremely parched leaves, or cannabis that weren’t stored properly so they lack the freshness and crispness one would expect from a high-quality cannabis plant. When you grow your own cannabis plant, you’re sure that you’re getting the freshest cannabis that is grown naturally – without any pesticides – and are stored correctly – so as not to grow any molds during the storing process.

How to Consume Your Home-Grown Cannabis

For people who’ve invested the most time and love into growing their own cannabis strains want nothing but the best for their cannabis products. Some of the more popular means of locally-grown cannabis consumption are in the form of edibles. Cannabis leaves and cannabis pollen can be used and infused with your daily food. Others would even process cannabis into oil or butter and use it to bake cannabis-infused pastries. Those who want instantaneous and immediate results would either smoke or vaporize their cannabis leaves since inhalation allows the cannabinoids from the cannabis go straight into from bloodstreams and into your brain. One of the best in the industry is the Hydrology9, a unique vaporizer that effectively incorporates water filtration to your vaping sessions allowing you to get smoother hits that are both easy to the mouth and to the lungs. The Hydrology9 vaporizer lets you experience moisture-conditioned sessions keeping the vapors clean and pure, sifting all the irritants that can otherwise harm your system.

Because vaping is rated as one of the best ways to consume cannabis, cannabis consumers see a surge of dry herb vaporizers for sale on the market today and while they all claim to be the best in terms of vaporizing dried herbs, nothing does the job better than Hydrology9, it’s made of food-grade materials so vaping with the Hydrology9 is one of the safest means of cannabis consumption. It also boasts magnetic connections for seamless and faster removal and replacement of parts and components. Its glass pieces are made from borosilicate glass which is known for its strength and durability and its unique heat retention capabilities allowing it to endure longer and lengthier exposure to heat.

Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Grow your own weed now and start vaping them to experience the all-natural advantage of consuming cannabis.

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