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Light is definitely important when it comes to growing marijuana. Without proper lighting, you might end up having a bit of a problem. If you look at the different grow room setups, you will notice that all of them have lighting. However, what you must know is that lights vary a lot. Therefore, you need to find the best light for growing marijuana. Today, we get to look at the CFL kind of light and how to use it for growing marijuana.

What is CFL?

CFL simply stands for Compact Fluorescent Light. These are lights common in most hardware or any other electronics store. The CFLs are loved for delivering on a great light spectrum important for growing marijuana.

So, what are additional benefits of CFLs? First of all, these lights are cheap to buy. Compared to some other marijuana grow lights, these are among the cheapest. Another thing is that they are easily available. You will not have to look for them at specific places. Finally, you get them being ideal for growing your weed in limited spaces.

Tips for Using CFL

Know the marijuana growing business

Well, before you can just start using the lights, there is the need to understand more about growing marijuana. This means that you have to get the right soil, good environment, nutrients and many other things that marijuana would need to grow well.

There are a number of tutorials online that can jumpstart your marijuana growing business. These tutorials will let you know all the different types of requirements that you will need when it comes to growing marijuana.

Make sure that you also get the best seeds so as to have better yields in the end. No one wants to end up with low quality marijuana at the end of the day.

Once you have all the right supplies, it is now time to move onto the next stage.

Setting up the grow space

Under this part, you can as well as create a list of the things you have to do when it comes to growing marijuana. For each part that you finish, you can cross it from the list. Many people who grow marijuana always great their own grow space as they understand what is needed most.

You definitely have to check out the soil to make sure it is in the right conditions. This helps a lot when it comes to planting. Another thing you have to keep in mind should be the lighting. The lighting is supposed to be set up correctly. This means keeping in mind the distance from the plants and also the overall number of plants.


With everything in place, now it is time to plant. Sprout the seeds and make sure they have everything they need to germinate well. Depending on the quality of seeds you choose, some will even take less time to germinate.

You will need a timer to help with switching on and off of the lights. This means that the plants will get the right light exposure always. It is recommended that you run the lights for 18 hours a day and then followed by 6 hours of darkness. Having a timer helps a lot as you do not have to be there physically to change the lighting state.

Vegetative stage

The moment the cannabis plant starts to grow real leaves; it has reached the vegetative stage. Under this stage, it is going to need a bit of maintenance. This includes watering the plants regularly, using the CFL bulbs at around 4 inches from the plants. Train the plants to grow wide and flat, and also give the plants nutrients.

Since lighting is important, you need to consider using more of it during this stage. This is because it will help with the photosynthesis process. Well, more lights will always equal to better results. Do not move the plants out of light, but rather introduce more lights to cover the shadowy areas.


When it comes to flowing, the lighting duration also changes. This is where you get to use the 12/12 schedule for the light. This means that you will be running the lights 12 hours for brightness and 12 for darkness. You will want to use the intense light if you are looking to get the best yields. Also make sure that the plants are within the comfortable temperature. You should now end up with a good harvest if you do such, and enjoy the many products you can prepare now like Topical CBD cream for example.


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