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If you are looking to do a bit of hemp farming, then you might want to also consider the lighting. As much as there are many other things that might affect the growth of hemp, light is definitely one of the most important at the moment. So, how is the lighting important? We all know that lighting is crucial to ensure the plant has proper photosynthesis. Without a proper photosynthesis process all the time, then it might not grow to realize its full potential even for CBD Oil Distributors.

First of all, you have to understand the plant’s lighting needs before making up your mind as to which one to use.

Plant lighting needs

Hemp just like cannabis might have specific light requirements for the user to fulfill first. Without enough shine or having too much shine can have undesired effects on the plant. As a result, there is the need to consider getting yourself the right type of light and further setting it up correctly. Let us get started.

  • Light color

When it comes to light, you can expect to find different options. In the spectrum of colors of light, the blue waves are seen to be smaller and further contain more energy as compared to red which has less energy. As a result, blue lights would often be ideal for vegetation growing and the red lights are good for the flowering stage. The good news is that you can get the full-spectrum lights that has all the colors. These will appear as white.

  • Light intensity

If we are going to look at the color, we might as well as also consider the light intensity. The light intensity is often measured in lumens. This simply determines just how much light will be absorbed by the plant. The lights with low intensity often produce the long and stringy type of plants. This is because the plants will try to stretch so as to reach the light where it is sufficient enough. On the other hand, the plants that get high intensity lighting will tend to even grow bushier and shorter with higher yields also. It is possible to find the light intensity being easily adjusted by changing the distance from the plant.

  • Duration

Another thing you have to keep in mind should be the duration of the lighting session. There is a point where the plant would need more light than in another stage. As a result, it would be great for you to consider learning more about the various hemp stages their different light needs.

As for the outdoor conditions, the lighting changes will happen naturally for hemp. Nevertheless, some types of hemp might do better indoors where there is better control of the lighting.

Types of Grow Lights to Use

Below are some of the grow lights you can always consider while growing hemp. With the proper use of these lights, a CBD distributor can at least be sure to get the best harvest eventually when it comes to growing hemp.

  • Fluorescent

These are the most common grow lights even for marijuana growing. They are known to be good in terms of being energy efficient. They are also good when it comes to remaining cool and would offer full spectrum of colors. As much as the light might not be highly intensive, it is good on overall for proper lighting and also less electrical usage. People are always looking to save on their spending when it comes to lighting grow rooms.

It is advisable to have them close to the plant at about 3 inches for the best light penetration.

  • LEDs

Light Emitting Diodes of LEDs are common today. They do have multiple applications in our lives involving lighting in different areas. Well, you can also use these LEDs for hemp growing. The LED lighting is known for having one of the best energy efficiency on the market. Also, the lights do not heat up easily. This makes it good for keeping the grow room cool while at the same time providing the best lighting conditions that you need.

The lights often have a long lifespan of up to 10 years. This should be great to keep more people interested in using such kind of lights more often.

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