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Photoperiod is the time for which a plant or an animal is exposed to light in a day. It is important especially when you are required to grow a plant. Because different plants have different requirements regarding the exposure to light, this time period remarks the beginning of a new stage oft heir life. Many plant growers use this period to control the plant’s life cycle for the early growth of flowers or fruits. Cannabis is one of the photo periodic plants that respond to changes in daylight. Since the days become shorter at the end of summer or at the beginning of autumn, the plant will receive less sunlight. This causes the cannabis plant to come to an end of its life cycle where both male and female cannabis plants will start growing flowers in order to reproduce before the arrival of winters. The male sac will produce pollens and release them into the atmosphere in order to mate or pollinate with the female flower. The seed thus produced will spread and will germinate after the winter is over. This is how a cannabis seed will grow and raise a new life. CBD Manufacturers are doing this effectively.

How photoperiod is an important factor to grow cannabis?

Photoperiod is an important factor for the cannabis growers. It allows a grower understand its life cycle and how one can make the plant to flower with just continuous exposure to light for limited hours. As mentioned above, a cannabis plant in an outdoor environment will automatically start growing flowers at the end of summer. If you are interested to grow the plant and want to keep the vegetative stage then it is recommended to keep the plant for 18 hours in light and 6 hours in the dark. For making the plant to start flowering, it follows 12/12 time limit, i.e. 12 hours in light and 12hours in dark. It is an important thing to notice that cannabis is a short-day plant. If the hours of the night are shorter than 12 hours, the plant will keep growing. 12/12 photo period is appropriate for indoor flowering. In certain cases of outdoor cannabis plants, since days become shorter after the summer solstice, some cannabis plants can flower while receiving 14 hours of sunlight.For outdoor cultivation, photo period cannabis strains will show flowering if the daylight gets lower to 15 hours of exposure. In this case, one can expect longer flowering hours. This is why; most of the seed packages of cannabis come with time data that reflects that plant will bloom after 8 to 12 weeks.

On the other hand, Auto-flowering cannabis is strict to the rules. Regardless of any exposure to sunlight hours, these plants will start flowering around 30 days of post-germination. Whereas, photo period strains of cannabis will remain in vegetative growth as long as the plant is receiving more than 18 hours of light per day.

All You Need To Know For Outdoor Cultivation Of Cannabis

  • Cannabis is an annual plant that grows, flower and completes its life cycle in a year. It is a short-day plant which will not be harvested at least until autumn. It depends on how much amount of light the plant is received. This will set a pace of its growth from vegetation to flowering period or from reproduction till death.
  • For its cultivation on large scale, growers use artificial or natural light. But again,many critical factors are needed to keep in mind like temperature, cleanliness,exposure to light, water, humidity, etc. Greenhouse growers use a plastic sheet that is light-proof to control the plants’ exposure to sunlight.
  • The growing season varies from region to region. For those residing in the northern hemisphere, the growing season for outdoor cannabis is April to November whereas it is completely opposite for southern hemisphere that ranges from August to April. In case you are living somewhere close to the equator, where the day and night are probably equal, you need to do little research to successfully harvest your cultivation or you can try the Cbd Wholesale Company In The United States
  • Outdoor cannabis blooms at a slow pace when the days are longer than the night and this growth becomes steady when night hours are longer. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on sunrise-sunset data and also the weather conditions of your local area.

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