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Whether you are an entrepreneur wanting to enter the CBD market by starting your own company or simply a user of cannabidiol products, you might have come across the terms “Full Spectrum”, “Wide Spectrum” and “CBD Isolates”. While they might sound similar, the fact is that each of these extracts have very different chemical compositions and understanding their differences is key to fully enjoy their benefits.

The first thing to consider is that the hemp plant has many different compounds commonly known as cannabinoids. Of these components, CBD is certainly the most popular, while THC is the one responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana. However, there are several other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN which can provide health benefits on their own and are commonly overlooked by CBD users.

CBD Isolates: Cannabidiol and Nothing Else

As the name suggests, CBD isolates are the purest form of the cannabidiol compound. CBD isolate manufacturers in the United States sell their products to users who want to consume only this component of the hemp plant, which is able to balance the endocannabinoid system and treat symptoms such as inflammation, stress and anxiety.

To extract pure CBD isolates from the hemp plant, it is necessary to get rid of the other naturally-occurring cannabinoids. CBD isolates are popular because they contain virtually nonexistent concentrations of THC.

Full Spectrum CBD: The Whole Range of Benefits from the Hemp Plant

Unlike CBD Isolates, Full Spectrum CBD oils and tinctures contain many of the naturally occurring cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. Each of these components have individual therapeutic effects, and the way in which they all work together to magnify each other’s effects is usually referred to as the “entourage effect”

CBD Manufacturers in the United States often offer both CBD isolates and full spectrum tinctures. While it was previously though that the latter were less effective, new scientific studies have debunked this myth by shedding a light to the little known entourage effect.

Broad Spectrum CBD: The Best of Both Worlds

For users who want to enjoy the beneficial properties of cannabinoids while resting assured that their selected product does not contain any trace of THC, Broad Spectrum CBD oils are the best alternative. As it contains several different cannabinoids, Broad Spectrum CBD is able to produce the entourage effect described previously while being free of psychoactive components.

In a nutshell, it is impossible to say which of the different CBD products is better, as they serve the needs and expectations of different users. Those with high sensitivity to THC or other cannabinoids should opt for CBD isolates, while whoever wants to enjoy the whole range of benefits from the hemp plant is better off choosing a quality full spectrum CBD tincture.

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