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In today’s world, a number of individuals like smoking and they have adopted a different way to fulfill their addiction. This includes the usage of cheap dab rigs and cheap bongs. So there are a variety of options available for a variety of smokers. It all depends upon their taste and desire.

But it can be seen that nowadays, most of people prefer the use of cheap dab rigs and cheap bongs. This is because these methods of smoking are easy and convenient to use.

Cheap Dab Rigs

A cheap “dab rig” is a sort of water pipe which is designed in such a way that it is being used with the concentrates of “oil” and “wax”. This all is being done through the process of dabbing. In this process, one needs to dab the particular concentrates on some sort of dab nails which are heated. Cheap dab rigs are being demanded by a number of people and their demand is increasing day by day. This is because a variety of concentrates is readily available in a particular market. One needs to make sure that they are using the correct cheap dab rig if they need a higher quantity of concentrates.  

Benefits of Cheap Dab rigs

People who are beginners and are afraid to use cheap dab rigs do not need to worry about any sort of harmful chemicals. A dab rig is best to use because it does not produce any sort of smoke. Instead, it produces vapor which does not contain any sort of harmful carcinogens. Like this, the taste of a particular vapor is good and free from all sorts of smoke.  Even if one is making use of dab rigs in a very small amount even then a variety of vapors can be formed. This is one of the reasons that the demand for such cheap dab rigs is increasing day by day.

Cheap Bongs

Bongs are being used from a very long period of time. It is one of those ways of smoking which are reliable and easy to use. In the world that we reside in the demand for cheap bongs can be seen increasing day by day. This is because water pipes including cheap bongs are regarded as one of the efficient and effective ways of smoking. A variety of glass bongs which are being used by a large number of people have a particular system of water filtration. Due to this system, the smoke is being cooled down and is also filtered. Like this, an individual’s lungs are safe from all sorts of harm. After the usage of cheap bongs individuals also find relief which they are unable to find when they make use of different traditional pipes. One can choose a specific bong according to their needs and demands. If one prefers a variety of filtration then they should opt for such cheap bongs which have a number of chambers and percolators.

Benefits of Cheap Bongs

Bongs are easy to use because they have filters which help to filter out smoke so it is not dangerous for an individual’s lungs. Cheap glass bongs are also cleaned easily and one can also use them again and again. This is one of the reasons that a variety of people prefer cheap bongs and their demand is increasing day by day.

Difference between Dab Rigs and Bongs

There are a number of differences among dab rigs and bongs. Some of them have been listed down below.

What Do You Consume?

One of the most evident differences between a dag rig and a bong is what an individual is consuming after the usage of both. Cheap bongs are being used with “tobacco”, with flowers and even with dry herbs. On the other hand, cheap dab rigs are used with wax, honey or even with oil concentrates. Both of them are regarded as water pipes. Both make use of percolation so one’s vapor and even smoke are filtered out.

A Bowl Piece vs A Dab Nail

Cheap bongs contain some sort of bowl piece so one is able to smoke easily. They are able to smoke all sorts of herbs which are dry by making use of a simple lighter. But if one needs to vaporize all sorts of concentrates of oil then they need to make use of dab nail. They need to attach this nail with their particular water pipe. The dab nail needs to be heated by making use of a “dab torch”. Then one needs to place their concentrates in that nail which is hot. This needs to be done so the concentrates are vaporized easily.

If one adds a bowl piece in a particular water pipe then it is called a bong. While on the other hand, if a dab nail is added to a specific water pipe then it is known as dag rig.

Does Size Matters?

One of the major things which set a variety of cheap dab rigs and cheap bongs apart is their size. When one is smoking those herbs which are dry then they will definitely need such a piece which is large in size. This is important so filtration can be done easily in the maximum amount. But if one is smoking any sort of concentrate then they will require such a piece which is small. So in both cases, the size matters a lot. This is important if an individual is worried about any sort of harmful effects that may be caused to their bodies after they smoke through bongs or dab rigs.

Final Thoughts

The demand for dab rigs and bongs can be seen increasing from a very long period of time. It all depends upon an individual’s personal taste and fondness. What they like to smoke counts a lot. Some individuals may prefer smoking herbs from small cheap bongs. While on the other hand, some people prefer dabbing out from big cheap dab rigs. One should always opt for those methods which they think are easy and convenient for them to use.

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