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The concept of being able to go to a nice restaurant and enjoy cannabis right at the table would have been unthinkable until relatively recently. The evolution of how American law treats cannabis continues and the first cannabis cafe is finally here. Lowell Cafe will be an inviting space located in West Hollywood where patrons can enjoy openly smoking or vaping cannabis while also eating gourmet food. The company behind the restaurant, Lowell Farms, is already well-known for its popular CBD and cannabis products, which are available in hundreds of dispensaries all over California. As the first of its kind, Lowell Cafe has generated plenty of excitement in Los Angeles and around the country.


Lowell Farms has a strong tradition of ethical and sustainable business practices that will continue with the operation of its restaurant. Lowell Cafe will be sourcing its produce from local farms, ensuring fresh favors that will be fully appreciated when paired with cannabis. The company also pays its farmers a decent living wage and grows cannabis using only organic fertilizer. Lowell Cafe reflects these values even in its physical construction, which included recycled wood for the tables and benches. Local artisans were commissioned to contribute to various elements of the restaurant’s modern decor. These positive business practices contribute to the overall goal of creating a unique space where cannabis can be enjoyed, communally, without stigma.

The project of opening America’s first cannabis cafe has been underway for three years. Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe is the result of a thoughtful approach that focused on creating the best possible experience. While the restaurant has separate areas, including a dining area and a lounge that is explicitly for consuming cannabis, patrons can have their food delivered to the lounge as well. Lowell Cafe is designed to facilitate the experience of getting together with friends, in a gorgeous space, to enjoy cannabis and delicious food at the same time. While this is a cannabis cafe, there are current legal restrictions that mean the restaurant is not yet able to sell cannabis-infused foods. Instead, its menu features farm-to-table cuisine designed to complement the enhanced taste buds from consuming cannabis. The restaurant’s chef, Andrea Drummer, is already well-known for her creative, flavorful cooking style. Stand-outs from the menu include a homemade s’mores, a fried chicken sandwich and candied bacon.


Lowell Cafe aims to provide an extremely high-quality cannabis experience and even offers guidance from expert staff. Like a bartender or a sommelier, they can educate the restaurant’s visitors on the different varieties and help curate their consumption. Patrons can access extremely high quality, pesticide-free cannabis to be vaped, smoked in a bong or pipe, or even prerolled. Lowell Cafe is designed around the belief that enjoying cannabis can be a lively and social experience, similar to alcohol consumption. The restaurant aims to become a unique event space and will be hosting a variety of special nights featuring live music, stand-up comedy, or even educational panels. Lowell Cafe will also be available to host major entertainment events like record releases or after-parties.


Lowell Farms has been a pioneer in the cannabis space for quite some time, with innovative products like CBD smokes and an emphasis on ethical business practices. The introduction of America’s first cannabis cafe is an exciting new chapter that will allow people to consume high-quality cannabis in a comfortable environment.

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