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Cannabidiol (CBD) concentrates are high-strength CBD products, such as crystals, waxes, and shatters. CBD concentrates are designed to provide extra relief than regular CBD products, as it’s possible to administer very large dosages in just seconds. Indeed, concentrated products can have as much as 99 percent pure CBD.

For that reason, CBD concentrates are only recommended for regular CBD users who are acquainted with higher amounts. The good news is that CBD is non-intoxicating, even when consuming hundreds of milligrams in one go.

This post will look at the different types of CBD concentrates available, how you can use them, and a few ways in which they may be beneficial.
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CBD-isolate and full-spectrum CBD concentrates

Most CBD concentrates – and certainly crystals – contain a CBD-isolate extract. This is literally just CBD, with no other hemp-based cannabinoids or terpenes, including THC. Isolate extracts are perhaps not as therapeutic as full-spectrum products but ensure without doubt that you won’t pop on a drug test.

Full-spectrum products make the most of the 0.3% THC limit, and consists of every hemp plant component – that’s all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. This translates to a more beneficial product, thanks in part to the ‘entourage effect’, a synergy that occurs between the cannabinoids.

Since they are very potent, full-spectrum CBD concentrates will cause a steady accumulation of THC in your system if you use these products often. While a failed drugs test is still highly improbable, it’s worth bearing in mind if you get randomly tested in the workplace.

How to use concentrates

The most efficient intake method for concentrates is dabbing, a special type of vaporizing. Dabbing involves heating the product on a hot nail (either manually or with an electronic device), and directly inhaling the vapor. This offers a pure and potent experience and almost instant delivery of cannabinoids into the bloodstream.

Dissolving crystal concentrates into e-liquids is an effective trick for boosting the strength of a vape juice. However, this should not be attempted with wax. Vaping wax is possible with a vaporizer that’s concentrate compatible.

Concentrates can be eaten if you want longer, edible-like directly. Either eat directly or stir your product into a hot drink, preferably with coconut oil, milk or another MCT-rich ingredient to increase bioavailability.

How concentrates could help you

CBD concentrates are excellent for anyone who needs strong hits to get their desired relief. Think of anxiety, for instance – studies suggest doses well into the 100s of milligrams are needed for genuine therapeutic effects. Severe pain and inflammation will also respond better to a higher dose.

Taking concentrates as an edible may help promote sleep, especially as the effects will remain active throughout the night. Concentrates can also be enjoyed for general relaxation, as opposed to just for self-medicating purposes.

CBD concentrates have great potential and are likely much safer than their THC versions, which are popular on the recreational scene. Research shows CBD is well-tolerated in big dosages and does not cause adverse neurological effects.


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