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Cannabis as a plant is one that has caused a lot of controversy over the years. However, constant research and medical examinations have proven the importance and major impact the Cannabis plant can have if well harnessed and appropriately used. This has led to major companies utilizing the Cannabis seeds for major health breakthroughs.

Varieties of Cannabis

There are three different varieties of recognized cannabis, among which two types are popularly cultivated: cannabis Indica, and cannabis Sativa; the third one being cannabis ruderalis.

Cannabis Indica

Indica is much shorter and very popular among the medical, industrial and recreational field as regards usage. It is potent and likely to have absolute effect control on the body. It also produces mechanisms that help the body to relax and is mostly used for producing drugs in the medical field.

Cannabis Sativa

This type of cannabis is significantly longer and can grow as much as 4.5 meters. They tend to grow bigger leaves, shrubby and longer branches. People who nurture cannabis indoors prefer to plant Sativa due to their output and growth level. They take a longer time to mature and bloom, unlike their counterparts. They are an active and potent strain used mostly for their level of highness.

Cannabis Ruderalis

This type of cannabis is not as effective and widely cultivated like the other two. This is due to the fact that it manufactures only tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which doesn’t make the go-to cannabis for either recreational drug use, medical or full-blown industrial use.

Medical Benefits of Cannabis

The medical benefits of Cannabis can never be over-emphasized. They provide the much-needed boost that aids the treatment of certain acute diseases and sickness. Cannabis is known for its ability to offer impressive solutions to intensive health issues like Cancer, Severe and acute pains, Glaucoma, etc.
Cannabis contains cannabinoids which included THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) and these powerful ingredients are quintessential in the production of drugs that help in muscle spasm. Just so you know, Longtail is very instrumental in offering medical solutions to insomnia. Patients with insomnia issues should be particular about getting Weed Seed Shop that provides value for every penny spent.
Furthermore, another important drug that is made from Cannabis is Nabilone. This is a potent drug with extraordinary result. It is mostly used for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Hence, Cannabis plays a major role in the treatment of people undergoing cancer treatment.
The exploration of cannabis has seen many breakthroughs in severe sicknesses which had no solutions before. As of today, it has been proven that cannabis helps to combat the trepidation that comes with Parkinson’s disease.
It also helps in weight loss, most users of cannabis are seldom overweight, and this is as a result of the cannabis intake. Cannabis has also aided in the treatment of Arthritis. Through the use of cannabis, Arthritis patients can be relieved through the use of the balm from cannabis to rub affected areas, and it is very effective.
Cannabis is also used to treat depression due to the endocannabinoid content in its plant. It is able to stabilize moods which help in treating people who are depressed.

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