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Until the end of the 90s of the last century, the cultivation of marijuana faced a “problem”. When seeds were planted, a good percentage of them ended up growing as male plants. The grower had to select these male plants and remove them from the crops if they did not want the females to be fertilized. Feminized seeds give 99% of the time female plants. This certainty makes the cultivation profitable since we can occupy the space that male plants and the marijuana harvest is basically “multiplied” by two, due to better space usage.

This saving of time, effort and money were decisive for small growers and popularized the self-cultivation of marijuana. Likewise, the process is not usually as easy as it is supposed to be. The cultivation of feminized seeds has its peculiarities and if you are not very rigorous, these seeds have a tendency to become hermaphrodites. Hermaphroditism is the ability of plants that come from this kind of seeds to produce male and female flowers when they have suffered “stressful” situations.

How are seeds grown in order to make them feminized?

The two most common systems for germinating cannabis seeds are with damp paper in a box with a Tupper lid or with seed trays. For starters and beginner growers we recommend the seed tray technique. It is easier to transplant and there is less risk of damaging the roots of the small plants.

Once you have the shoots in their first growth pots, it is time to decide where they’re going to grow. Indoors or outdoors? We are going to analyze each type of marijuana crop and its characteristics in order to determine what is the best for them, depending on its type.

Indoor cultivation of feminized marijuana seeds

To grow indoors you can allocate a room exclusively for this purpose or use a grow tent. Cannabis grows tents are the perfect solution for lack of space. One of the advantages of these devices is that they are covered by a reflective material on the inside that distributes the light evenly throughout the space.

The other, and no less important, is that total darkness is achieved in the hours of marijuana rest. This precaution will be crucial to avoid hermaphroditism. If you cannot choose a closet, you will have to choose a space or room that has an air outlet where to place an extractor and where you can guarantee absolute darkness. There must be a supply of water for irrigation of crops and electricity for artificial lighting.

Outdoor cultivation of feminized marijuana seeds

Outdoor marijuana plants face pests, fungi, and unfavorable environmental conditions. That is why if you harvest soon you can avoid these conditions, in addition to preventing insect and fungal pests from killing your plants. Currently, there are many fast-flowering varieties, such as the famous hybrids, and the Jamaican Dream of the sativa variety, which have been a benchmark for growers around the world when it comes to growing outdoors.

For this case where the seeds are planted outdoors, you must locate the seeds characterized as resistant to inclement weather and resistant to fungi and pests, more common in sowing outdoors.

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