Why are SuperCloset systems, products, and designs superior to all other grow boxes and hydroponic systems?

SuperCloset Vs. Other Grow Cabinets

3 Separate 110cfm Fans 1 or 2 small fans, or 6 inch blower By using 3 smaller fans, not only are we keeping noise to a minimum, we are also enhancing your ability to regulate your light’s & cabinet’s internal temperature. 6″ Blowers are a loud and cheap alternative that offers you no temperature regulation, or CO2 control, and are extremely loud even when used with a muffler. SuperCloset advanced beyond the single blower set up in its systems over 9 years ago.
Closed Loop Air-Cooled Lighting Filter to Light to Exhaust The air-cooled lighting system should ALWAYS be separated from your exhaust system as it is in SuperCloset systems. This creates greater flexibility with your grows, including the ability to administer CO2 and to gain better control over the temperature of your light and system. In the winter months, you are able to turn one of the fans off to heat up your cabinet, or in the summer time, turn both fans on, thus cooling your lights. Unless in extremely low temperatures, your HID light should ALWAYS be cooled or it will create dangerously high temperatures inside of your system. However, you do not want your exhaust fan on during CO2 dispensing because the CO2 will exit the system before the plants are able to effectively utilize it. Filter to light to exhaust designs do not permit you to cool your light while not exhausting, therefore making CO2 administration an impossibility. This is a cheap and lazy design, which we abandoned over 8 years ago because of these issues, that our competitors have somehow overlooked. It helps to have designed grow cabinets, grow rooms, and now greenhouses, for over 10 years. Experience grows success.
SuperCool Tube Reflector No Tube or Cheap Imitation Not all glass is tempered the same and you definitely do not want to try to cool a large chamber of hot air around the bulb due to the fact that it is ineffective and inefficient. When growing in cabinets or small spaces, it is necessary to have a SuperCool tube so that the air adequately flows around the light, and ONLY through the light.
4 inch Internal circulation Fan No Fan or 6 inch Fan When growing in small spaces you want passive internal circulation. A 4 inch fan works far greater and gives you more growing space. A larger 6 inch fan may seem preferable, which it is in our SuperRooms, but in cabinets it most definitely is not. Your plants will go in to shock and stunt as a result of the suffering caused by the harsh air blowing on them. SuperCloset’s diligent research and development department do not allow rookie mistakes like this to make it through to our final products. Internal circulation is an absolute must, but passive air provides the greatest yields. Would you rather have a picnic with a nice easy breeze or a tornado? (Your plants would too.)
Lumatek Digital & Dimmable Ballasts No Brand or Knock Off Ballast Using a reputed and reliable ballast is extremely important. The ballast powers your light, which in turn powers your plants. Knock off ballasts are unreliable and inconsistent putting all of your grows at risk. It is also necessary to have a dimmable ballast so that you can regulate your lights’ output. Lumatek Ballasts are award winning and offer superior performance and reliability over the “cheaper” option used by our competitors.
SuperPonics Bottom Feed In order to achieve maximum root growth, plants must be fed from the bottom up AND from the top down. SuperPonic systems fuse hydroponic technologies by always including more than one proven method. Our systems combine Deep Water Culture AND a Top Feed Drip System. The combination of more than one method provides vigorous growth and added protection against any unfortunate system malfunction. The systems used by some competitors use only one hydroponic method, which provides no protection and causes nutrient build up at the bottom of the reservoir where your plants can’t make use of them. SuperPonics grows plants up to 2-5X faster and bigger and is the world’s easiest and safest way to grow hydroponically, period.
Custom Superponics UV Protected Plastic Reservoirs Cheap Brand’s thin Non-UV Resistant Plastic SuperPonic Systems are the only custom molded, insulated thick, “food grade,” UV stable systems available. Don’t subject yourself to thin plastic that heats up and kills your roots or produces potentially harmful “off” gases or unsightly reservoir yellowing. Grow with the Best. Grow with SuperPonics.
20 Gallon Custom Reservoir 10-15 Gallon Reservoir Larger reservoirs mean less maintenance and stabler nutrient and pH levels. Smaller reservoirs are higher maintenance due to your having to constantly manage high TDS and pH fluctuations. SuperPonic systems can be left unattended for up to an entire week and are the only systems with an included easy drain valve and tube. SuperPonic Systems are the highest yielding AND the lowest maintenance.
Re-Usable Clay Hydroton Stones Cheap Rocks or Coco Mon All professional growers use hydroton grow rocks for a reason. They provide the perfect blend of aeration and support and they can be re-used forever. Coco Mon needs to be replaced after every harvest and offers no plant support. Yikes!
TechnaFlora Comprehensive Nutrient Program Partial Nutrients, Powder, or some other Cheaper Line You need all phases of the entire nutrient package in order to achieve the best results. SuperCloset gives you EVERYTHING your plants need in order to grow healthy, happy, and strong. This process is also made simple with the included feeding instructions, which completely take the guesswork out of your growing.
18 Gauge “Infra Cool” Powder Coated Steel Cabinets Flimsy Thin Metal, Plastic, or Wood Grow safe and secure with SuperCloset in the thickest metal cabinet available on the market. With its powder coated black lining, it is cool to the touch and can fit in anywhere. Supercloset’s are famous for their furniture feel and look. All Supercloset controls are on the back (not front!), to retain a beautiful clean appearance that can fit anywhere in your home or apartment.
Stable Cabinet – No Wheels Dangerous and Inconvenient Castor Wheel While having wheels on your system may seem like a benefit, it is actually a huge nuisance. The small wheels are prone to snapping and prevent you from putting any weight on your system. Imagine your frustration as your cabinet constantly rolls away from you as you lean on it ever so lightly in an attempt to refill your reservoir. SuperCloset systems are easily manuevered without the need for “problem causing” castors. Don’t be fooled by false benefits.
Triple Locking Doors None, or Single Locking Doors SuperCloset systems are the safest and most secure cabinets available today.
Reflective Removable Magnetic Paneling Permanent Mylar Walls A clean, unused picture of a mylar or any other reflective sheeting in a cabinet may look nice in an ad or on a website, but you would hate to see it after a harvest. Reflective or mylar walls are an invitation to moisture and mold behind the sheeting, which has to be torn down, cleaned, then taped up after every harvest. Mylar also tears easily and is not reusable. Again, 10 years ago we made this mistake and thankfully found the perfect solution. SuperCloset magnetic reflective panels offer ample lumen re-direction and are also removable, maneuverable, and easily cleaned and replaced. A Clean environment means clean healthy plants.
Lifetime Customer, Technical, and Grow Support Lackluster or Non Existent Support SuperCloset has a great many experts on horticulture, hydroponics, and of course our products, and when you purchase a system you receive lifetime customer, technical, and grow support from our knowledgeable and helpful staff. We stay with you well after purchase to make certain that you have a great growing experience with your SuperCloset. Quite simply, no other company offers this level of support.
Reputation and Company Longevity New Entrants Into Hydroponics SuperCloset has clearly withstood the test of time. Before the rest, always the best. We have been here and will continue to be the leader in hydroponic growing. We have seen many companies come and go during our 10+ years with a perfect “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau (B.B.B.) Grow Smart – What would happen to your warranties when the competitor is no longer around because of the design mistakes they made? How professional can your support be if it seems like they have never even grown in their own systems and aren’t aware of their design flaws? Grow safe. Grow easy. Grow Super. SuperCloset is always here to provide you with top quality systems and support.

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Why are SuperCloset Super Room complete grow room packages superior to all other grow rooms?


Made for beginners, essential for professionals “Grow with the Best, Harvest the Best”- Your quality and yields are only as good as the room you grow in. If you are not growing in a Super Room, you may as well not be growing at all.


Height Adjustable Gorilla Grow Tent – The incredible Gorilla Grow Tents provide the strength, support, and durability of an actual enclosed room. They are height adjusting and can be quickly and easily adapted to become taller than any other grow tent. This means that your plant size and and yields will increase dramatically. In fact, due to the increased growing area and easily managed consistent climate, your product quality will also vastly improve. At 1680D, the Gorilla Grow Tent is up to 3x thicker than any other tent. This increased insulation makes them more smell resistant, bug resistant, light tight, and quieter than any other option. You need never worry about heavy and expensive components falling and breaking, crushing your grows, or creating electrical fires or floods. These tents will make all of the difference in your quality, yields, ease of maintenance, and overall growing enjoyment.


SuperPonics – Whether it is the SuperPonics 16 in the 2’x4’ combining top feed and DWC, or the Super BubbleFlow Buckets with their patent pending “upwelling recirculation large yield buckets, or SuperFlow’s first ever “non-clogging” aeroponics system, you are assured the best, easiest, fastest, and safest grows over any other method. SuperPonics combines the fusion of different proven hydroponic methods into one, creating unparalleled yields in quality and total. These systems are incredibly easy to use and are fully automated. SuperPonic systems grow up to 2-5X faster and bigger than any single traditional hydroponic method. SuperPonic systems are also safer due to the fact that if one of the methods goes out for any reason (air pump or water pump) your plants will still survive and thrive.

Your hydroponic system is the heart of your setup. Many tent packages don’t even include a hydroponic system, or only include basic soil buckets, without soil! The few that do include a hydroponic system almost always outsource the unit, selecting their cheapest option. These inferior systems can slow your growth, can cause root rot, create poor quality, and are often times very difficult to use.
If you want to grow the best, you must grow with the best.


Closed loop SuperCool Lighting- This is very important to a quality grow room. Closed loop air-cooled lighting means that the lights are separately cooled from the outtake air for the entire Gorilla Grow tent room. The lights have their own fans cooling them off so that you can have a much more stable and temperate environment, due to the fact that the air is only pulling through just the lights and not the entire room. With this design, you can also inject CO2, if desired, as your lights will always be air-cooled and the CO2 will not be immediately blown out of the room. This also provides much more flexibility in maintaining environment to accommodate both cold and hot climates. Other grow tent setups don’t air cool their lights or have them improperly aligned. Often times a setup is sold, to unknowing customers, with only a single fan provided to pull air from the lights and the room! Not only is this incorrect and ineffective, it will also create yield crippling disasters.
Not all ballasts are created equally! SuperCloset SuperRooms utilize award winning Lumatek ballasts. These top tier digital and dimmable ballasts are known to be among the most reliable and effective in the industry. These ballasts give you the ability to operate your light(s) at 50%, 75%, 100%, and even at the 110% “SuperLumens” setting. This spectacular feature allows you to minimize electrical consumption and maximize your yields. Not to mention that the time tested reliability of the brand will let you sleep easy. Peace of mind is priceless. Imitation, knock off, or lesser brand ballasts just can’t provide you with this. Don’t leave your grow success to chance.

To correctly air-cool lights you need to have fully sealed glass reflector hoods that reflect light and lumens to the maximum extent. These reflectors are sized correctly and utilize thick tempered glass, which maximizes lumen output while keeping heat to a minimum. This way you can successfully decrease the space between plant and light, thus eliminating stretch and significantly increasing the density and fullness of your fruits and flowers. Because your lights are running cooler and your environment is more stable, you will grow top quality fruits and/or flowers that are compact, tight, full, and offer exceptional smell and taste. These SuperCool reflectors are also affixed to professional grade, durable yo-yo pulleys allowing you to raise and lower you lights quickly and easily without worry. Beware of cheap reflectors found in other systems that are not air-cooled, or have poor seals through which heat and odors leak out of your grow room. These reflectors also use cheap glass that is not tempered, so they dissipate light, leech heat, and can even crack. Cutting corners with the lighting system will result in poor quality crops, airy and stretched fruit, and depleted harvests. Utilizing the best closed loop air-cooled light set-up is a must for achieving your best possible yields.


Phresh Carbon Filters – These carbon filters are by far the best filters on the market for larger grow rooms. They utilize an exclusive carbon charcoal fitting that contains unwanted odors much greater than any other on the market. Phresh filters are the only company that has access to this special carbon filling, which results in a neutral air growing environment.
Trellis system – A trellising system increases your yields up to 40%, as well as greatly maximizing your quality as well. Trellises help support, partition, and train your plants creating equal spacing from each other and assist in the formation of a nice, even canopy, ensuring even light distribution and absorption for each and every plant.

ActiveAir Internal Circulation Fans – Properly sized and placed internal circulation fans are integral to moving all the air around your room. Our design will result in a perfect growing environment. Proper airflow is essential in eliminating mold or mildew and minimizing potential bug problems. Many other packages don’t include fans, and if they do, they tend to be inadequate, noisy, and poorly placed.
Hurricane Inline Fans – These commercial grade, high performance fans are made of steel with a durable powder coated finish. They are made with quality UL listed components for reliable and quiet operation.

Complete Automation – Our SuperRooms come with everything you need to get growing right away, including all of the necessary timers so that your grow room is fully automated, giving you, the grower, very little maintenance. Your time is precious and we want you to spend it on enjoying your harvests, not laboring over them. You will not believe how simply and easily you will be achieving exceptional yields, even with little or no prior growing experience. You can leave for up to an entire week at a time, while your SuperRoom is growing perfectly fine. Most other grow tent setups are, at best, only partially automated, and are often times set up incorrectly. This leaves you with having to spend hours a day in order to properly maintain an incomplete grow room.

Safety GFCI and Safe Electrical hookups – Any time that you are mixing 100’s of watts of electricity with water and indoor growing, safety must be a FIRST! SuperRooms are designed with safety being top of mind, as they all come with the proper ground fault plug-ins, safety electrical power boxes, and proper electrical cords. This means that you will only need to utilize one or two electrical outlets. It is very important for you to grow in a safe, stress free environment; to grow in peace without worrying about major hazards or disasters. Other grow rooms leave it up to you to figure out what electrical cords, boxes, and safety plug-ins you will need to correctly set up your indoor grow room. If you use the wrong cords, electrical box, or do not use a proper GFCI plug, you risk an electrical fire, back surges ruining your lights, or even electrocution. Grow safe, grow SUPER safe.

TDS Nutrient Meter, Nutrients, PH Kit. You need everything to grow properly, not just a few of the more commonly known components. A TDS digital nutrient meter is essential to know exactly how strong your hydroponic solution is, as is the PH testing kit, to know your PH. With SuperRoom grow room setups everything is included and explained with the accompanying manual, including a full line of the very best TechnaFlora Recipe for Success Nutrients. Most other grow tent packages neglect these important components because they think you won’t notice!


Grow DVD, Grow Tips Manual, 3 Year Warranty, Lifetime Customer Service – With your SuperRoom you will harvest better on your very first yield than people who have been growing for years. You will receive lifetime grow support and consultation along with a great DVD. All SuperRooms are easy to set up, fully automated, and come with A+ BBB customer service. Competitors will sell to you and forget you. Don’t grow alone, grow with support. Welcome to the Super Family.

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What should I look for when choosing an automated hydroponic grow cabinet?


  1. Make certain that the company you purchase from has been around for many years, is ACCREDITED by the Better Business Bureau, and is in good standing.  SuperCloset has been in business for over ten years and is the only hydroponic cabinet maker that is accredited, rather than just listed.  In addition, SuperCloset maintains an “A+” rating with the BBB, demonstrating that you can purchase our systems with confidence.  Beware of new companies that sell knock off or sub par equipment and products, have little or no history of success, and no accreditation.
  2. Your grow box should come with at least a 2 year warranty.  SuperCloset systems come with a 3 year warranty on almost everything and include lifetime customer, technical, and grow support.
  3. Ensure that your system uses properly and professionally air-cooled lights and has a separate mechanism for exhaust and odor control.  Make certain that you avoid filter to light to exhaust designs, in which the light cooling system is combined with the exhaust system, as they do not permit you to cool your light while not exhausting, making CO2 supplementation an impossibility, and limiting your ability to control temperature.
  4. Select a hydroponic system that offers more than just a drip or aeroponic watering system.  SuperCloset recommends our one of a kind drip/bubble/deep water culture feed systems known as SuperPonics. All of our systems contain more than one proven hydroponic method.  Drip and/or aeroponic systems must be maintained more often, cleaned more frequently to prevent clogging, are more prone to failure, and require more pH and TDS adjustments.
  5. Work with PROFESSIONALS who sell PROFESSIONAL systems.  Make sure they really know what they are doing and what they are selling.  There are companies who can build a cheap SuperCloset knock off, put up a nice website, and start taking orders, but unfortunately have no real idea what they are doing.  They have no R&D Department and have never fully tested their products.  Examine the details and choose carefully.  Feel free to call or email us with any questions.

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How many plants can I grow?

As many as you like! We have a size and shape to suit everyone’s growing preferences.  We typically recommend utilizing every other net cup in our SuperPonic 8 & 16 systems.  This allows you to maximize your yields by optimizing your plant quantity and the amount of space that each plant has to grow.  Everything is explained in our complimentary DVD and easy to follow grow instructions.

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What can I expect to produce and yield from a cabinet?

It really depends on the system, the type of plant, and the strain.  We have systems that can produce up to 40 lbs. of fruits and vegetables or 7 lbs. of usable, dried plant matter in an 8’ x 8’ tent every 2 – 2.5 months!  Many companies will drastically overstate their yield capabilities by offering misleading statistics.  The bottom line is that SuperCloset guarantees you will grow EASIER, and MORE, with much better QUALITY, in our systems, due to the superiority of our custom molded SuperPonic systems and expert designs.  By growing in our optimized environments you can produce yields up to 50% greater than in other comparable systems!

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What are the primary differences between SuperCloset systems and others on the market?

Most other companies use a hydroponic system that utilizes either an NFT or aeroponic set-up, whereas SuperCloset employs our one of a kind SuperPonic method.  SuperPonics is defined as the fusion of proven hydroponic technologies. Our units combine several effective methods of growing hydroponically into a single system, thus drastically improving your plants’ responsiveness, lowering your maintenance, increasing your flexibility, and providing added protection.  For example, our SuperCloset grow boxes include top feed, DWC, and bubble/aeroponics, which grow your plants incredibly fast and incredibly large.  SuperPonics is faster, easier, safer, and grows your plants thicker, bigger, and stronger, guaranteed.  In addition, our systems are designed by professionals and are continually developed so that they will always exceed current industry standards of performance.  Complete grows in our systems and evidence of superior performance are well documented and demonstrated through various publications, pictures, and videos.  You’ll notice that other companies provide no pictures or videos of successful grows, or only show their systems with the beginning stages of root growth.  This is due to the fact that in attempting to recreate the original SuperCloset, they have neglected many important details that assist in creating the harmonious and perfectly balanced environment that we have achieved over the past ten years of hard work and dedication.  Because of this, they are just not able to achieve the same level of success as SuperCloset.  SuperCloset grow boxes are beautiful “Infra Cool”, powder coated black, triple locking cabinets that are designed to fit right into your home.  They have detachable automated controls on the back, NOT the front, to retain a sleek appearance for what it was designed to be: discreet. The whole point of a high-end cabinet is to be very SAFE, and to leave it looking nice and clean.

SuperCloset Grow Boxes and Grow Rooms are the ONLY All-in-One Hydroponic Systems that include all of the following:

  • A full spectrum Dimmable & Digital Lumatek Lighting System on Adjustable Yo-Yo’s for Full Light Control and Maximum Penetration
  • Activated Carbon Scrubber for Complete Air Filtration
  • Fully Automated SuperPonics System which grows your plants up to 2-5x Faster than traditional methods by combining Top Feed, Deep Water Culture, Bubble, & Aeroponics
  • Adjustable Veggie Chamber with SuperCloner giving you 100% Cloning Success.  Powered by two cool white 4100k lights.  Perfect for seedlings, clones, mothers, as well as early vegetative growth, and integral for Continual Harvesting Cycles.
  • Adjustable Net Screen Trellis which promotes up to 30% Larger & Higher Yielding Plants
  • Adjustable Internal Circulation Fan for “4 Corner” Air Distribution
  • Anti-Mold Reflective, Removable, and Adjustable Panels provide optimal light distribution and cleanliness.
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Complimentary DVD & Grow Tips
  • Complimentary 7 Day/Week Lifetime Customer, Technical, and Grow Support
  • Optional CO2 System package which Increases Yields up to 30%
  • Every Component Needed to Start Growing Today!

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How safe is the SuperCloset?

We make it a point to keep your growing experience safe and enjoyable. Every aspect is fully automated, and we include a GFCI shock busting adapter, eliminating the chance of electrical shortages and fires which could damage your plants, your SuperCloset, or your home.

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How much electricity does it consume?

Although you will notice a slight increase to your utility bill, the rate is minimal. SuperCloset grow boxes and grow rooms can be plugged into any standard 110v outlet in your home, apartment, or office.  They will pull anywhere from 2-10 amps (depending on the size of the system and chosen lighting options).

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How often do I change the water?

You should change the water and nutrients every 1 – 2 weeks, depending on the system and what stage of growth the plants are in. The larger the plants, the more water they absorb. In most cases the reservoir can be filled with unfiltered tap water, but be sure to condition the pH and TDS prior to adding to the system. You can actually leave your SuperCloset for up to 7 days without worry!

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Do SuperCloset systems really come with everything, even nutrients?

Absolutely!  Each system includes a great many often neglected, but extremely important, accessories that will maximize your yields and reduce your maintenance. Performance, Simplicity, and Customer Satisfaction are our top priorities.

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Do I need CO2?

Though it is offered, recommended, and can certainly produce better results, SuperCloset manufactures the only systems that do not require CO2.  Most other systems on the market have either poor airflow systems with inadequate circulation or are imbalanced and have TOO MUCH airflow.  Plants in those systems will not receive any air or become stressed due to a forceful “cyclone effect.”  In these scenarios, there will not be enough CO2 reintroduced into the cabinet, or it will be forced through the system too rapidly, for the plants to effectively photosynthesize.  SuperCloset systems have the optimal balance and perfect amount of airflow, allowing ample ambient CO2 to enter the system AND be utilized by the plants.

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Does the cabinet minimize noise and contain odor?

Our newly upgraded, professional carbon filter muffles the sound from the fan and takes away unwanted odors, leaving no trace of what is going on inside of your cabinet evident from the outside.  Due to the fact that our overall airflow is up to 3x stronger than other systems, ALL of the air is being exhausted through the filter and not leaking out elsewhere.

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Do SuperCloset systems produce a lot of heat?

SuperCloset Grow Boxes and Grow Rooms run very cool due to the expertly designed air-cooled lighting system, strong output fan, and internal circulation system.

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How long does it take to harvest?

This depends on several factors.  Plants are different and have different traits and timelines to maturity.  A typical cycle time is anywhere from 2 – 3 months.  SuperCloset will guarantee that you achieve the absolute fastest and most efficient results in our systems.

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Is there a warranty on SuperCloset systems?

SuperCloset products feature a 3 year warranty on all craftsmanship and components, sans the bulbs, which are per manufacturer.

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Does SuperCloset provide product support?

SuperCloset provides an unparalleled lifetime customer, technical, and grow support.  We have experts on hand to answer all of your growing questions 7 days/week.

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I don’t know much about hydroponics. Can I grow using soil?

Yes, a popular feature of SuperCloset grow boxes and grow rooms is the ability to switch up from hydroponics to soil at anytime. We wholeheartedly recommend at least trying our SuperPonics hydroponic systems, though.  It is easier than you think and we can transform you into a Hydro Guru before long.

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Do I need all of those upgrades?

In short, no.  We have taken great care to make certain that our standard systems will provide you with everything you need to achieve superior results.  The majority of the upgrades are either luxury items, yield increasing aids, or items required to offset a less than ideal environmental condition, such as a poor water supply.  If they are in the budget then they are great to have, but if not, do not fret!  Our standard systems will surely exceed your expectations.  Please feel free to contact us for a breakdown and description of our upgrade offerings, the most popular selections, and our recommendations.

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What is the net trellis?

This simple but important add on assists with tie downs, support, training, and even screening your plants, thus increasing your overall yield. This is essential when growing plants in a confined space.  Effective usage of the trellis can increase yields by up to 30%.

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