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Marijuana Grow Cabinets


Sometimes, marijuana growers may want to conceal their growing habits. This is from prying eyes of the government (in illegalized states), friends and relatives. You will find that patients who have marijuana prescriptions will tend to grow their own small-scale herbs. At other times, indoor growers may want to experiment and in both cases, grow cabinets are essential. It is, therefore, to invest in a good grow cabinet that will ensure that you get the vital requirements of your plants leading to a high yield while at the same time maintaining a high level of stealth.

It is possible to create a grow cabinet. However, in most cases, it may turn to be more expensive than buying a ready-made grow cabinet. If you opt to buy, you should check on the following essential elements:

The Light System-You should ensure that the grow cabinet has an efficient lighting system. The herb’s yield is directly proportional to the light the plant gets. Therefore, one should ensure that the grow cabinet has the recommended and enough light. Most will tend to have LED light systems which are ideal for growth. The good thing is that unless you are planning on having multiple grow cabinets when you have a few there will be fewer costs.

A perfect Ventilation System-This is another key aspect in indoor growth of cannabis. A perfect grow cabinet should have a good ventilation system that ensures that our plants have clean air at all times. The yield will, to a large extent, depend on this. When buying a grow cabinet, this is a feature that you should not overlook.

Space-Grow cabinets come in many sizes. It is, therefore, very important that you know the number of plants you want to grow. This will assist you to know the kind of cabinet that will suit your needs. There are some that have racks and are fit for those who want a higher number of crops. They are also fit for continuity of production. You could have plants of different levels in your cabinet which is ideal especially for patients. The space and size will also contribute directly to the choice of the plant species. Not all are the same. For instance, Sativa will tend to be taller than all other species (Indica and Ruderalis and their hybrids).

Stealth-This is one of the factors that growers will go for grow cabinets. This is because they want to hide their growing activities. Therefore, when looking for a cabinet, it would be prudent that efficiently covers your tracks. During the growth period, marijuana plants will tend to produce a smell that may lead to your activities being unearthed. However, most grow cabinets will curb that. They will come with mechanism such as carbon filters which will ensure that no smell reaches unwanted people. Carbon filters are the best as opposed to some who tend to use charcoal filters. Still, on stealth, you could even look for a grow cabinet that camouflages with your walls.

Hydroponic Systems-Different grow cabinets come with different grow systems. Hydroponic systems refer to the substrates on which cannabis is grown on. Some will come with superponics, soil while others deep water cultures. It is prudent to choose a grow cabinet that has a system that will work perfectly for you.

Budget-In choosing a cabinet, your budget will determine greatly the type that you will end up with. It is good to have a good budget that will ensure that you do not end up with a cabinet that will not satisfy your needs.


Taking these factors into consideration before embarking on your indoor marijuana growth will help you a great deal. They will ensure that you get a good grow cabinet that will deliver.

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