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Marijuana Grow Room


A marijuana grow room is an indoor place where everything from germination to the harvesting of our herbs. Therefore, a good grow room is essential for the production of healthy plants that will lead to high yields. The costs of building a grow room normally puts away many people. However, cheap indoor growing of marijuana is very possible. We are going to look at the elements that constitute a great grow room and how each contributes to the well-being of your plants.

Location-This aspect is very important to every grower. Having a plan will help you come up with a good location for your grow room. For most indoor growers, stealth is a quality that they want their grow rooms to have. Choosing the right location will, therefore, facilitate this. Some tend to have their grow rooms in complex rooms in their houses while others will go for hidden locations that they only visit alone. The basic point is that you should have a location that hides your activities but enhances your flexibility in terms of control of your crops.

Size-The size of the grow room will determine the level of harvest you get. On the flipside, the available space will determine the size of the grow room. For instance, we have growers who have very limited space. They, therefore, opt to go with grow closets, cabinets and boxes which still fall under the grow room category. Small-scale growers such as patients will not require much space for their grow rooms. Large-scale producers, on the other hand, will require large grow rooms which will facilitate the smooth running of their activities.

Grow Equipment-This refers to the items that you will require in your grow room that will facilitate the growth of your marijuana plants. To begin with, you need a good lighting system. Marijuana’s yield is directly linked to the amount of light the plants receive. Therefore, investing in a good lighting system in your grow room will ensure that your plants are in good health throughout. Marijuana plants will also require light schedules during the vegetative and flowering stages. Having this in mind will assist you to customize your grow room in the right way. Alongside the lighting system, having a waterproof floor of your grow room will also be vital. It will contribute to the humidity requirements of our plants as you can spray water onto the floor.

Another equipment that needs to be taken into consideration is the ventilation system. This is the system that ensures that the grow room is in good condition in terms exchange of gases. Most of the time, an airtight grow room is preferred. It helps in putting off the stench of the growing plants. Otherwise, if you let the stench leak, you will find yourself having lots of explaining to do to friends or the authorities. Still, the light systems produce lots of heat that need to be taken care of. The ventilation system comes in handy as it facilitates in ensuring that fresh air is maintained all through in the grow room. Mostly, carbon dioxide is the type that is required by our plants as they make food. You would also want the incoming air to be well distributed in the grow room. This is the work of this system. Having an efficient one is therefore very important.


Most of the time, you will find that small-scale producers of marijuana are always on the luck as we have ready-made grow rooms (Boxes, Cabinets and Closets) that have all the above aspects. All they need to do is to invest in the complete item. However, for the large-scale producers, they have to install all the equipment in order to ensure that the grow room is perfect for the plants. This may be a little bit expensive.


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