How to Grow Like A SuperPro Video Series


This How to Grow Like A SuperPro Video Series focuses on simplifying indoor gardening by honing in on the key details of growing at each critical stage of plant development, while keeping things light-hearted, entertaining, and fun.

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Take the guesswork out of growing with our brand new, complete, seed-to-harvest video tutorial, How to Grow Like A SuperPro Video Series, brought to you by the growing gurus at SuperCloset. This new series, hosted by none other than “Growing with Rory”, will impart to you the skills necessary to achieve record breaking yields and the highest quality results.

There is just too much information out there on indoor gardening. The forums, YouTube videos, blogs, etc. just make hydroponics and indoor gardening feel overly complicated and intimidating. The truth is that there are just a few key proficiencies needed at each stage of growth in order to realize far reaching success. This video How to Grow Like A SuperPro Video Series focuses on simplifying indoor gardening by honing in on the key details of growing at each critical stage of plant development, while keeping things light-hearted, entertaining, and fun. The episodes progress in a logical, chronological order that flows perfectly with your growth cycle at home. Sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh and learn with this new series that will have you growing like a SuperPro on your very first try.

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Episode List

Episode #1: Choosing Your Setup

This episode provides a great overview on the various ways to get growing.  By the end of this episode, you will have a great understanding of the various types of setups, lighting options, hydroponic methods, and other components needed for successful grows.  Most importantly, you will have gained the knowledge needed to make an educated decision for yourself on which way you want to grow.

Episode #2: Germinating

This episode will provide you with a comprehensive understanding on how to germinate your seeds.  You will learn about pH testing, TDS reading, seed selection, ideal conditions, setups, and much, much more!

Episode #3: Transplanting

Learn the who, what, when, where, and why of transplanting in this comprehensive look at taking your sprouts from their germination station to their permanent and productive new home.

Episode #4: Nutrients

The definitive “how to” on successfully applying nutrients to your hydroponic and/or soil grows.  Learn about N-P-K ratings, micro and macro nutrients, how to identify deficiencies and surpluses, and much more than you would ever need to know about feeding your growing plants.  This is a very informative video.

Episode #5: The Vegetative Stage

In this all-important episode, Rory shows off his ninja skills and discusses all major aspects of effectively vegetating your plants.  Length of the vegetative stage, appropriate nutrients, ideal environment, appropriate lighting and light cycle, watering schedules, pruning, topping, trellising, tie downs, plant attributes and more are all covered in this rockin’ and rollin’ video.  Yea!

Episode #6: Cloning

This video offers an in-depth look at cloning.  We will define cloning, provide the benefits, let you know when to clone, what to clone, and how to clone.  We discuss “mother” plants, perpetual grows, lighting and nutrient requirements, and recommend ideal mediums, setups, and environments.  If you’ve got a good thing growing on with your adored and prized strain, this episode will make sure that you are able to replicate, replicate, replicate, and replicate, cycle after cycle, after cycle, after cycle, after cycle….

Episode #7: Flowering

It is actually easier to discuss what is not covered in this episode… and that would be nothing. Watch Rory prove that he is the “Plant Whisperer.” Learn all about plant reproduction, photoperiodism, pollinating, culling, monoecious vs. diecious plants, of course ideal flowering conditions, as well as a week by week, play by play of what to expect when you are expecting….

Episode #8: Harvesting

You done did it!!  Oh, man, what an accomplishment..and we couldn’t be more proud!!  You have achieved the magazine quality results you were seeking…..almost.  In this episode, we teach you how to not screw it all up in this final little piece of the hydroponic puzzle.

Episode #9: Bugs, Molds, and Mildew

Uggh… we don’t even like to talk about it, but it is necessary to know what to do if you happen to be infiltrated by an unwanted infestation.  Fret not, because in this episode we will arm you with the skills and knowledge necessary to thwart thrips and expunge spider mites, as well as discuss the other major plant perils that can ruin your day.  Don’t worry, we got your back… and we’ll also answer the question on everyone’s mind: “Rory, Rory, where do you go when the lights go out?”

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